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ZGMF-X401VL Amaranth Gundam by unoservix ZGMF-X401VL Amaranth Gundam by unoservix
Model Number: ZGMF-X401VL
Code Name: Amaranth Gundam
Unit Type: prototype high performance Voiture Lumiere-use assault mobile suit
Manufacturer: Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT) (based on a design by Deep Space Survey and Development Organization (DSSD))
Operator: Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT)
First Deployment: CE 77
Accommodations: pilot and copilot, in panoramic cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 18.94 meters
Weight: 85.66 metric tons
Power Plant: ultracompact nuclear fission reactor, output unknown
Construction: unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and Design Features: sensors, range unknown; N-Jammer Canceller, negates effects of N-Jammer; signal flare launcher x 2, mounted in hands; link wire x 2, mounted in hands; magnetic coating, eliminates friction on joints and moving parts; X-DRAGOON (Extended Disconnected Rapid Armaments Group Overlook Operation Network) system, receptors mounted throughout body; MGX-R17C "Seraphim" beam wing system, uses Mirage Colloid to produce afterimages, can be used as shields or cutting blades; "Voiture Lumiere" laser propulsion system, mounted on back
Fixed Armament: MMI-GAU26 17.5mm CIWS x 2, mounted in head, fire-linked; M9M9 "Cervus" 38.5mm machinegun x 2, mounted on torso; MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" beam saber x 2, stored in recharge racks in hip armor, hand-carried in use, can be combined into one double-ended beam saber; MX2200 beam shield x 2, mounted in forearms; general DRAGOON unit (GDU-X5 assault beam machinegun x 2) x 6, stored in recharge racks on backpack, operated wirelessly in use
Optional Hand Armament: M69-77-HE "Gemini" dual hyper particle cannon; MMI-636K beam carbine, can be stored on rear skirt armor
Pilot: ???

another Gundam for that Cosmic Era fanfic of mine, built from the Stargazer (and by built i mean i pretty much hacked some new pieces onto the Stargazer's basic body).
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metalshadowinsanity Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
That twin buster rifle tho.
AceTriad Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
And I was right.
MarshalBraginsky Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Hey Unoservix, I was wondering if you could make me a Gundam that has Sinanju's body but less verniers and Double X's cannons. The back could resemble the Shinkiro's cross wings from Code Geass.
unoservix Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry, i can't really take requests
AceTriad Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
I bet Unit Zero Two will pilot this.
soungo89 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
sweet gundam could u make me one
xDragonBladex Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
so we have stargazer with destiny's wings and wing zero's buster and fin funnels? cool.

as if stargazer didn't kick enough ass as a non-combat recon unit
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May 23, 2011
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