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GMF-X03A/C Celestial Justice Gundam MA by unoservix GMF-X03A/C Celestial Justice Gundam MA by unoservix
Model Number: GMF-X03A/C
Code Name: Celestial Justice Gundam
Unit Type: prototype transformable assault mobile suit
Manufacturer: Resistance
Operator: Resistance
First Deployment: CE 77
Accommodations: pilot only, in panoramic cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 18.04 meters
Weight: 93.94 metric tons
Power Plant: ultracompact nuclear fission reactor, output unknown
Construction: unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and Design Features: sensors, range unknown; Phase Shift (PS) armor, protects unit from ballistic and blade attacks; N-Jammer Canceller, negates effects of N-Jammer; signal flare launcher x 2, mounted in hands; link wire x 2, mounted in hands
Fixed Armament: MMI-GAU26 17.5mm CIWS x 4, mounted in head, fire-linked; MA-M978 "Vajra II" beam saber x 2, stored in recharge racks on hip armor, hand-carried in use, can be combined into single double-bladed saber; MR-Q19A "Griffon II" beam blade x 2, mounted on feet; EEQ9-MR281 "Grapple Crusher" pincer claw x 2, mounted on forearms, can be fired out on a line; RGM65F "Flash-Edge 3" beam boomerang x 2, mounted on shoulders, hand-thrown in use; "Fatum-02" subflight lifter (GAU5 "Volucris" 12.5mm machinegun x 4, mounted in main body; MA-6J "Hyper Fortis" beam cannon x 2, mounted on shoulders; MMI-MS482 280mm missile tube x 4, mounted on backpack; MMI-MGDI4872 "Typhoon" multi-phase beam cannon, mounted in main body; MR-Q17X "Griffon 2" beam blade x 2, mounted on wings; JM5893 "Fiddler Crab" assault claw x 2 (mounts GDI-583 combat blade x 3, MA-10R "Lower Fortis" beam cannon each), mounted on main body)
Optional Fixed Armament: M68 "Pardeus" 3-barrel missile launcher x 2, can be mounted on legs; "Drache" air-to-surface missile x 4, mounted on wings; Mk438 "Würger" air-to-air missile pod x 4, mounted on wings; Mk1323 unguided rocket pod x 4, mounted on wings; MMI-M32M3 torpedo x 6, mounted on wings
Optional Hand Armament: MA-BAR77/S2 automatic high energy beam rifle, can be stored on rear skirt armor; M66 "Canus" short-range missile launcher x 2; M68 "Cattus" 500mm recoilless rifle; M69 "Barrus" heavy particle cannon
Pilot: Athrun Zala

an upgrade to the ol' Justice and Infinite Justice. it turns into a crab. haha, Athrun's got crabs.
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
it looks awsome
xaq10r Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012
Given the points on the ends of its feet, I kinda thought it was gonna turn into a scorpion.

Still, this is pretty badass, man. Love your designs!
Knightmare00 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011
Has Athrun every heard of condom?!LOL!
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May 19, 2011
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